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April 04, 2012


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Toronto Boudoir Photography

That really sucks. This is why I am giving up my e-5 Olympus. Do you know if there are any solutions out there that will enable tethered shooting with the D800?

thank you

bill henderson

Adobe Labs just released an update to version 4.1 that is suppose to support the D800. I have not checked it out but saw the notice.

Klaus Engelmayer

works with the old work-around get the "Nikon Camera Control Pro 2" shooting in a folder (can store the images on pc/mac & card at the same time).

Then use the auto-import funktion in Lightroom 4.x, works for me.

If you guys have a better solution let me know, thx :).

bill henderson

Works fine that way. With the D4, the Http method is very good. Set up a URL to download via ethernet. When using Lightroom, I still get issues on shoots with over 100 or so images. It simply looks up similar to a full cache.

Toronto Commercial Photographer

I have a D800. I use Camera RC to tether it to my laptop for product photography http://www.camerarc.com/

This software is cheap $20 and runs well. Includes Liveview, histograms,etc...

It works on my crappy XP laptop and my new Win7 units

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