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December 11, 2011


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What gear did you use? Were you up close or far away? Any reactions from the subjects? Interesting assignment.

william henderson

I used a D3s with a 70-200mm lens, so I was not very close. Otherwise, I would have had to ask for permission being polite. Bill C uses a 50mm lens, I think, and doesn't ask permission and gets some negative feedback once in a while although he is recognized by many folks. It is tricky to do, but fun.

Vincent Davis

I love street photography. I used to do it using my Hassleblad but my eyes gave out from more than 20 years of photography. The doctor said it will be okay after a LASIK surgery. When your eyes gave have a problem, the autofocus of your camera is your ace.

william henderson

I know that well, had both lenses replaced a year and a half ago. Auto focus saved me.

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